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Red Linatex Rubber
Red Linatex Rubber
Red Linatex Rubber
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Specification of Red Linatex Rubber

Red Linatex rubber

Red Linatex Rubber (Rubber red / roll), premium Rubate Linatex sheets are 95% natural rubber that exhibits suppleness, strength and exceptional resistance to scratches, tears, and abrasions. With more than 80 years of experience in handling aggressive materials, Linatex is still classified as a premium wear-resistant rubber for sliding or wet abrasion services. Other Rubber Products Our unique and patented manufacturing process makes Linatex has outstanding physical and performance characteristics. Unlike other processes, the Linatex process minimizes mechanical disturbance in the molecular structure of the rubber, thus saving costs for users. Linatex is unmatchable when faced with wet abrasion. Features: - Has the "best proven performance on the ground" against fine mud abrasion - Great resistance to scratches and tears. - High resilience and low modulus - Resistance to various Chemicals Applications: The use of Linatex premium rubber is almost unlimited - Pipe coating - Chute coating - Tank coating - Hydrocyclones - Pumps - Hoses - Valve coatings - Incubation for other types and rubber materials We are also availabel,

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