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Novaphit Gasket
Novaphit Gasket
Novaphit Gasket
Novaphit Gasket
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Specification of Novaphit Gasket

Novaphit SSTC Gasket

Novaphit SSTC Gasket by. Frenzelite is a graphite gasket material with an insert of stainless-steel proof (1,4404,366 L) for the highest temperature and temperature requirements. Excellent media resilience and security aspects even in applications with Loads of making make the material superior. The metal layer is expanded, because of its three-dimensional, non-intersecting geometry, superior to standard graphite gaskets with tanged-and flat metal inserts, and exhibits the recovery properties in tongue and boogey flange connections. The study has been improved which is at a pressure of 40 MPA, the leak is roughly. 50% lower than tanged metal gaskets. The graphite used in the novaphit SSTC has at least 99% Purity and proves its quality especially with its tremendous losses on ignition and oxidation of values. Specification: Thickness 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm Length x Width 100x100cm for ordering info, consultation, and frequently asked questions can wait 087780864368, 021-22680858

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