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Fibre HT-800
Fibre HT-800
Fibre HT-800
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Specification of Fibre HT-800


Fiber HT800, is Fiberglass processed specifically as an anti-fire (HT800) is suitable for use in applications where the material is to come into contact with high temperature object. For example, the HT800 is a very good choice as a protective material in metal fabrication welding or activity. Suitable for use in building construction, the manufacture of the hull, the coupling iron materials, and so on. Thickness: 1mm width: 1m length: 50 m to the needs that are not much and accordingly we also sell the meter so that you can meet your needs with minimal cost. For prices, reservations, usage, and consultation can contact / wa 087780864368, 021-22680858

We also sell other products such as heat insulation, gaskets, asbestos, roxwool, viltwool, glasswool, etc

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