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Red Fiber
Red Fiber
Red Fiber
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Specification of Red Fiber

Red fiber

Red Fiber, Sell Fiber Fiber Red Red A. B. Thickness 0.8 mm Thickness 1.0 mm Red Fiber Fiber C. Red Thickness 1.5mm Red fiber is widely used in the transformer industry in the manufacture of transformers Koker. Moreover, because the Red Fiber made a strong and sturdy widely used as well as the securing of goods not strike. specifikasi 0.8 mm thick, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm length x width = 1x2 Meter for ordering information and consultation can wa / contact 087 886 564 650, 021-22680858

We also sell other semiconductors such as Fiber glass, teflon tape, Kapton Tapes, etc.

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